Week In Review, March 18, 2013

The response to my first Week In Review post was pretty good, considering that I have only been doing this since January, have no clue how to promote myself, and have only averaged five posts a month.  With that said, I hope to make it a weekly feature (for which I am already two days late, WordPress informs me…well, at least we know it’s really me!).  So, here’s another look at the week (plus two) just ended:

Number of hours worked:  38 (for the week, forget the  two  extra days).

Number of hours on Facebook:  60+.  Hi, my name is Timewalkerauthor, and I have an addiction…

*Please note that work and Facebook hours may include some overlap.  They knew the risk when they put me in an office.  With Internet service.  And a monitor that can’t be seen from the door.

Total Individuals Experiencing Hallucinations:  3, but were they ever fun!  You haven’t really been to the Twilight Zone until someone looks straight at you, says (loudly) “I don’t want to be around you anymore!” and when you try to excuse yourself, she says “I’m not talking to you!”  But we’re the only ones in the room…  And let’s not forget the gentleman who thinks that we are spying on him through his wiring.  Also his smoke detectors.  And his mailbox.  Sucks to  be so popular,  I think.

Best Expression of the Week:  “Fifty Shades of ‘Oh God No!’”  From a coworker, in relation to one patient’s, um, X-rated behavior.  Not one of my hallucinators, unfortunately, that would have created some drama!  No, no, seriously, it would not.  It would have been a disaster.  I love my job, did I ever say?

Sick Children:  3. Wait, I only have two children.  Oh, that’s right, my nephew.  The poor child is tiny for his three years, anyway, and he lost so much weight from this illness that he could wear a diaper belonging to his eight-month-old brother.  And wear it he did, because this virus was nothing to trifle with.  He was sick for six straight days, and has only just recovered today.  Sharing the love, he passed it to my children, who have had it for a collective six days; my son still has it.

Trips to the hospital:  Only one, this week, to check on the nephew mentioned above.  I stayed just long enough for the baby to spit up on me, then called it a night.

Dollars spent fixing the car:  700 and counting.  Replaced all four tires; both ball joints; both control arm bushings; two brake rotors; all front disc brake pads; oil and oil filter; and completed a number of other, minor tasks, mostly cosmetic.  But it looks good and runs great now!  Still need to fix an exhaust leak, change the transmission filter and fluid, have it aligned, and change the plugs and wires.

Reason for doing all this to the car:  Couldn’t find a replacement within my price range.  Apparently I suck at negotiating, too.

Birthdays:  One.  I’m twenty.  Again.  For the fifteenth time.  I have tried and tried to give my birthday away, even going so far as to have a daughter whose birthday is less than a week after mine, but to no avail…for reasons I can’t figure out, I keep getting older.

Best Reconnection Moment:  Found out that my daughter’s new teacher (after the old one quit mid-year) is a high school classmate of mine.  Have only seen this person once since graduation, although we’ve been Facebook friends for a year or two.  Nice to catch up a bit!

Best blog moment:  I have broken ten followers!  (Never mind that WordPress counts my 230+ Facebook friends as followers; I’m talking about people who  have actually come to my page and clicked the Follow button here.  You Facebook people, feel free to join us!)  This may not seem like much, but see my argument in the first paragraph above:  I’m very new to this.  Thank you to everyone who finds me interesting enough to keep up with my ramblings!

Test Results:  Good and bad.  I have Crohn’s disease, but I don’t have diabetes.  It was a choice between a needle every two weeks, or a needle every day…I think I came out on the better end of this deal.  I really hate needles.  For more about this particular fiasco in my life, click here.

Trend I didn’t know I was missing:  The Harlem Shake.  Now that I’ve seen it, I wonder why I didn’t keep on missing it.

Manuscript Pages Written:  19, adding 9,478 words, for a total of 82,681 words.  It came to my attention last time that I had miscalculated; only I could take a program that counts the words, pages, and characters, AND remembers my changes, and still get that wrong, but somehow I did it!  I’ll post more about this manuscript as it nears completion and as I begin editing, but for now I’ll say this:  I’m projecting a total of 300 pages, spanning twelve chapters, five interludes, a prologue and an epilogue.  Right now, I am halfway through Chapter Eleven, and all the interludes are complete.  This is my first piece of novel-length original fiction to actually near completion, so I am excited.

New Popes:  One.  Which is all you should have in one week, don’t you think?

Still In Progress:  My friend’s job search.  She has applied for several more positions, all of which are good possibilities, but are also highly competitive.  Of course, I believe she’s the most qualified for any position she touches, so in my humble opinion, it’s only a matter of time.

Best recovery of the week:  A customer in line ahead of me at the post office wanted to know what was so bad about lithium batteries, as they can’t be mailed separately from their associated devices.  The cashier had no idea.  Then, as the customer left, the pneumatic arm on the door broke, and the door crashed into the window.  Immediately after her heart attack, the cashier shouted, “That’s the battery!”  Well, I guess you had to be there.

Best blog read of the week:  In these entries, to give a little publicity to my fellow bloggers (some of whom I follow, some of whom follow me, and some at random), I want to include a glimpse of my favorite post each week.  This week’s Best Read is from 23Thorns:  The Romance of Steam.  He gives a look at a recent family trip by train, with some insight into his family, and the power of making your own family memories.  I was reminded of similar trips in my own life…and the fact that my children are growing up, and we only have so long to make our own memories.  Read it (and the rest of his work) here.

Housecleaning:  STILL NO.  Not yet.  Tomorrow for sure!


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