Reblog: All We Need Is Love

I’m running behind with this post–it should have been up days ago–but I was interrupted by some family tragedy:  My father experienced his second heart attack last week.  He survived, but it was a close call; and I foresee some necessary changes in his future.

With that said, I’ll also say this:  Though this post is a reblog, it is not a time-saver or filler material.  The story that follows is by my guest contributor Cyndera, who first posted it on her own blog.  I am glad to have her considerable talents on loan here, but let’s be fair:  I can’t expect to hog all the best material!  For more entries to come, you may consider following her blog; you’ll find writing posts, short stories, essays, and much more!

This story is the first in a possible series titled “Simple Talks”.  I won’t give away the details, but check it out!  This first entry is titled “All We Need Is Love”.


“Hey. Hey there. Wake up!”

I slowly opened my eyes, looking around my dim bed room and then at my clock. Eight in the morning on a Saturday. I closed my eyes again.

“Hey, right over here!”

I looked to the left, where my dog Dutch was curled up next to me. He was still snoring.

“No, over here!”

I glanced to the right toward the window. The voice was too close to be outside. I was probably dreaming. I pinched myself.

“Ow! What did you do that for?”

Continue Reading:  “All We Need Is Love”…


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