Blogging Again!

This will be quick and painless.  Which is fantastic, because there’s been enough pain—of the literal variety—in my life lately.

I’ve been absent lately, and conspicuously so.  It’s not my fault, I swear!  Or maybe it is.  I can admit some responsibility here.  You see, seven long and arduous weeks ago, I received a visit from my new and least favorite companion in life, Crohn’s Disease.  (For more on my adventures with Crohn’s so far, check here and here.)  Through…okay, some fault of my own, I went without my medications for a few weeks, and that resulted in a flareup that I was almost certain would kill me, and I wish that that was an exaggeration.  For almost two months, it was all I could do to drag myself to work, and for a week in the center, even that didn’t happen.  During that time, not a single word was written, short of the paperwork that goes with my day job.  I would work during the day and collapse into bed almost as soon as I got home.

Frankly, you all deserve better than that.  Those of you who take time to read this blog, you deserve more.  But I’m back on my feet now, and here I am; and now, finally, I can get back to business.

In upcoming posts I’ll get back to my topical posts on the writing process, and I’ll fill you in on where I stand with my novel, The Last Shot.  I’ll post some excerpts, and give you an idea of where I’m headed with this project.  And hopefully, with any kind of luck (except the bad kind—enough of that already), I’ll get back to posting with more regularity.

Tonight I had the privilege of sitting in on a webinar hosted by the Washington, DC chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA), in which my good friend and fellow writer Cyndera was one of the presenters.  The webinar was part of SLA’s ongoing writing series, and was titled “Blogging for Work, Blogging for Life”.  The presenters were fantastic (and I may say, I was partial to one, but they were all great), and confidently knowledgeable in their fields of interest.  Particularly because I’m a bit on the thickheaded side (I’ve been called a caveman already tonight), I can’t often say that I learned a lot in a short time; but this is one such occasion, and I can’t congratulate the participants enough on a job well done.  If you’re interested in all things writing, blogging, and (of course) library-related, you should check out the SLA at, or on Twitter at @sladc.  I’ve also included the contact information for the presenters of the webinar at the end of this entry; they are worth your time!

While the education I received was great and invaluable, I came away with something else just as urgent:  Motivation.  A key theme of all three presenters was, to borrow a phrase, “Just Do It” (Nike, please don’t sue me, I’ll take good care of it while I use it!).  They were speaking to new and aspiring bloggers, but after a two month hiatus, I feel new myself; and so I’ll take the advice.  Jump in, get started, and say what you need to say.  That’s the plan.

Thanks for coming along!

SLA Webinar presenters:

Marie Kadell (publishing as Marie Michelle Coleman):  Can be reached at or on Twitter @M_M_Coleman.  She is the author of Bespoken, book one of the “Daydreamer and Nightangel” series, with book two forthcoming.

Christian I.J. Minter:  Can be reached at  or on Twitter @LibGirl09.  She is an adult figure skater and an accomplished librarian.

Aileen Marshall:  Our very own Cyndera, she has contributed to this blog, as well as her own.  She is the author of Rivers of the Mind, her first novel, which is in pre-production at this time.  She can be reached at or on Twitter @Cyndera.


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