Megaman Legends: The Traitor

Megaman Legends is a series of video games published by Capcom for the Sony Playstation game system.  Two games were made within the main storyline, with a third game planned; also, one spinoff, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, was released, covering events that occurred immediately prior to the original Legends.  (A third and much-anticipated game in the main storyline has twice been scrubbed by Capcom.)  The series represents the far future of Capcom’s classic Megaman  and Megaman X games.  It depicts a world in which humans are divided into two classes:  The common, everyday humans, known as Betas (or, derisively, Carbons) and the unnamed elite humans who rule the world in secret.  Between those two classes are the Megamen, the androids who carry out the rule and management of the Earth.

Legends and Legends 2 tell the story of Megaman Trigger, an android who is a Purifier–the combination police and shock troops of the Megaman System.  He and his fellow Purifiers were responsible for eliminating Megamen who went  insane or otherwise became dangerous.  However, Trigger became something more when he was commissioned–by the System’s creator, no less–to destroy the System.  Over two games, we discover the story of his war against the System, and how it plays out in the lives of the Betas around him.

I conceived the idea for The Traitor before Legends 2 and Tron Bonne were released; but I have since revised the story to accommodate concepts, characters and settings that were revealed in those later games.  Its events occur some one hundred years prior to the flashback sequences in Megaman Legends 2; while the games never say with accuracy how much time elapsed between those flashbacks and the games’ actual events, I placed it at six hundred years, meaning that my story takes place seven hundred years prior to Legends.  Please note that, when complete, the story occurs in two parts; part one is as I have just described, while part two occurs immediately after the events of Legends 2.

Chapter One:  Collision

Chapter Two:  Sensation

Chapter Three:  Reconstruction

Chapter Four:  Activation

Chapter Five:  Aberration

Chapter Six:  Revelation

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