Parasite Eve: The Other

Parasite Eve is a series of video games published by Squaresoft (later Square Enix), first for the Sony Playstation game system, and later for Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).  It’s a three-game series, but at the time that I wrote this story, the third game, titled The 3rd Birthday, had not been made.  (It’s just as well; although it’s a fun game, I don’t care for its storyline within the Parasite Eve canon, and prefer to think of it as non-canonical.)  The series actually began with a novel (later released as a movie) called Parasite Eve, by Japanese author Hideaki Sena.

The story is dark science-fiction and psychological/body horror.  It postulates a world in which mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell, are said to have originated as a parasite-cum-symbiote, and to evolve at ten times the rate of the host organism.  In the body of one woman, they evolve to achieve sentience, and manifest as a malevolent creature named EVE, who quickly takes over the host body and begins attempts to create an ultimate being, a creature free of the control of the human nucleus which will then take over the world.  The first game is not an adaptation, but rather a sequel to the novel; it concerns the second attempt of the EVE mitochondria to take a host and create an ultimate being, this time in New York.  The EVE creature is stopped by the efforts of NYPD detective Aya Brea, who, unknown even to her, also carries advanced mitochondria, but in a symbiotic rather than a parasitic relationship.  The second game occurs some time later, and adds an element of conspiracy, in which an as-yet-unknown organization begins to manipulate the advanced mitochondria strain for its own ends–until it gets out of hand, and Aya (now an FBI agent), must stop it once again.

My story, The Other, begins within a year of the end of Parasite Eve 2, and concerns itself with Aya’s search for other humans like herself.  I put down five chapters before getting away from the project.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five