Parasite Eve: The Other, Chapter One

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Pierce sat at a terminal, blinking wearily, and brushed back a strand of hair. Never in his life had he considered just how big America really was-and now, he wished he hadn’t. Approximately two hundred and eighty million people lived between Maine and Los Angeles, if he had his numbers correct, and every last one of them, it seemed, had
marched through his computer’s RAM. “Definitely time for some sleep,” he mused, and paused for a loud yawn. “Or at least another cappuccino-the breakfast of workaholics
It wasn’t really their fault, he admitted to himself for the thousandth time. Ninety-nine percent of the country had no idea of what he was doing, and only a very few people among those who did know had any idea of the potential danger there was in leaving the job undone. Strange that only one person should conduct such a serious matter—stranger, though, that it should all be done as a favor to a friend.
Pierce’s “job”-he had actually caught himself using that word in his own thoughts, and chided himself for it-seemed simple enough on the surface: Profile Americans according to medical data. Look for certain criteria that would indicate a certain condition, more rare than any other on the planet. A condition that, so far, existed in only two people-and one of those was doubtful. As an aside to this endeavour, he had a separate system on the Net at all times, trolling the news and the rumours for other indicators, things the medical search might not reveal. For this condition, rare as it was, was one that tended to make itself known in the most spectacular of ways.
Pierce was searching for Neo Humans.
So far the only known Neo Humans in the world were two young women of Pierce’s acquaintance, both now living in New York City. The first was Aya Brea, former NYPD detective, more lately of the FBI, MIST unit. In most towns, if you mentioned that name, a hush of awe, tinged with fear and uncertainty, would fall over the room; but if you mentioned it in New York, you would hear admiration and pride, as well. Aya was the heroine of what had commonly come to be called the “Manhattan Blockade Incident” of 1997, an event that resulted in hundreds of deaths, the loss of the Statue of Liberty, and the destruction of several pieces of very expensive Navy hardware. Also an event that Aya had single-handedly brought to an end-no one on the streets could tell you how, but everyone knew there was mystery about it. Hence, the admiration and the fear.
The other Neo Human was even more mysterious, and thankfully, less well known. Her name was Eve Brea, and she ostensibly was Aya’s sister, the child of Alex Brea’s second marriage. In truth, her origins could be found in a now-ruined underground shelter and laboratory in the Nevada desert, where she had been cloned from Aya’s own DNA, for purposes sinister to the point of defying words. Aya had rescued her from that shelter, then effectively adopted her, using Pierce’s contacts and skills to give her an identity she could live with. At the moment, as Pierce was yawning three time zones away, she was dragging herself from bed to dress for school.
Eve, strangely enough, remembered little of her life before Aya and her rescue from the shelter. Time and healing had clouded her memory, and for that Aya was grateful. Better that it be forgotten forever…
Pierce knew all about that, and found himself thinking about it as he sat back in his chair and regarded the screen. He hadn’t been in Manhattan, but he had been in Dryfield, Nevada, and the images of the ANMCs that had attacked him kept running through his mind, no matter how hard he tried to suppress them. Then Aya had come along with her strange powers…
It all came down to the cells, in the end. Bored, he pulled up a graphic which he had seen a thousand times, a series of electron microscope photos of a human cell, with cutaways showing the cellular structure. Nucleus…membrane…Mitochondria… Mitochondria. Capital M. There was the problem. They had the ability to generate
tremendous power by combining ATP from the simple sugars-in fact, mitochondria were the powerhouses of the cell, providing the energy necessary for functioning. Imagine everyone’s surprise when it was discovered that mitochondria were not at all part of the body, but were a separate organism! In Manhattan, a mutant strain of Mitochondria with a phenomenal evolutionary rate had possessed-there was no other word for it-the body of an opera star named Melissa Pearce, and thus was born a being named Eve. This Eve was powerful and cunning, and with her Mitochondria under control and working together, had been deadly.
Aya possessed the same strain of Mitochondria, but somehow, in her, they had taken a symbiotic route instead of a parasitic-thus the term Neo-Humans, those with the Mutant (or Neo-) Mitochondria, but who had not been taken over by them, as with the first Eve. Thus, Aya retained control of herself, but had power as phenomenal as Eve’s. The younger Eve, too, had had those powers, but had lost them after her rescue, and was now as normal as any other teenager.
For Aya, though, it wasn’t enough. To make a long story short, one night, she had told Pierce that her goal was to make sure that nobody like her could ever turn into anyone like Eve (the first Eve, that is). The logical first step in that process was to find any potential Neo Humans, before their powers could manifest. That unloveable task had come down to Pierce somehow.
A sudden beeping yanked him away from slumberland. He glanced at one of his terminals, then the other, then found the offending source. “Probably just someone with high natural mitochondria,” he mused as he moved to check it.
His eyes slowly widened as he read, and he dropped a steaming mug of cappuccino on the floor-but in his excitement, he didn’t even notice. The incoming signal was from the news search, not the medical! Still, it was something, and it looked good. Grabbing the phone, he scratched down some data, then dialed as fast as he could. Six A.M. or not, Aya had to hear about this, and NOW.
The voice un the other end was fuzzy from sleep, but beautiful as always, Pierce thought briefly. “Wazzat? Who is it?”
“Aya, it’s Pierce. Come on, wake up.” He shifted in the chair, propping the receiver on his shoulder, and reached for the dropped mug and the thermos of coffee-this time, straight
and black.
“Pierce? Watchyouwant?” came the slurred reply.
He swallowed nervously. “Aya, you’re not going to believe this, but…well, we have a live one. Powers and all.”
There was no sound except the quiet thump of a woman’s hand dropping a phone as she
slid toward the floor.
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