Power Rangers

For me, this is where it began.  I was fourteen years old in 1993 when Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers premiered, and I instantly fell in love with the show.  I realize that it was intended for children younger than that (although elements of it have matured over the years, in my opinion), but I was a nerdy child who was heavily into both science fiction and fantasy, and I was a sucker for a good, ongoing plot with many technical details.  Power Rangers had all of that, despite the fact that it was based around a Japanese show that didn’t translate well, with regard to plot or character.  It did have its wrinkles, some of which I tried to iron out when I started writing my own; but that was to be expected.

I started writing Power Rangers fanfiction at the end of the show’s first season, long before it was ever established that everything about the series changes every year.  Consequently, it wasn’t long before my fanfiction–which was meant to be a sort of sequel to the series–deviated significantly from the original.  As I continued to write over the next several years, I made revisions that accomodated changes to the show, but not perfectly.  As a result, stories within this cycle will not always agree with television canon; in fact, they may not agree with each other.  I still believe they can be enjoyable, as long as you, the reader, understand that up front.

One more thing:  Don’t judge the fiction I have written as an adult, by these earliest attempts.  I have often said that Power Rangers was the writing lab in which I learned the tools that I use today–the fundamentals of plot, character, worldbuilding, tension, and pacing.  Naturally, these early stories are clumsy and juvenile in many ways.  In the spirit of self-disclosure, my goal here is to release these stories unedited, in the form in which I originally wrote them, flaws, weaknesses and all (I reserve the right, however, to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar!).  It will be a work in progress, as I wrote them longhand, long before I ever owned a word processor or computer; they’ll need to be input.  As well, although I’ll place them in order as I add them, I won’t necessarily post them in order–that is, I’ll put them up as I come to them, and arrange them as I go.



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