On this page, you can find the entries from my ongoing short-story feature, beginning with “The Sky is Falling”.  Also here, I have included “Fallen Angels”, my entry into the 2012 Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition.

Stories marked with a [WP] tag were inspired by a writing prompt, taken from‘s Writing Prompts subreddit or another source.  The description listed here for those stories is the original prompt, and most of them were written in 45 minutes or less.  Feel free to borrow the prompt for your own writing–if I can encourage even one person to try their hand, it’s worth it.  Happy reading!


Fallen Angels–“Fallen Angels” is a story I wrote for the 2012 Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition, entered into the Genre Short Story category.  This science-fiction entry tells the story of Daniel and Michel, two humans who became much more, only to tumble and fall.

The Sky Is Burning–The end of everything.  My first attempt at apocalyptic fiction, in short form.

New Tricks–[WP] A man wakes up with the ability to talk to animals. The animals don’t have very nice things to say.

Responsibility–[WP] A murderer kills his victim.  What happens next makes him regret it…

Sincerely Yours, …–[WP]  This story is a guest post by Cyndera, and also a Writing Prompt story (although I’m withholding the prompt, as it would give away the punchline!).  Everyone knows the government reads your email…but what if they answered?

The One–[WP] “Tell me why she’s the one.”

Not A Prayer Of A Chance–[WP] One angel is responsible for screening which prayers get to God. World Cup season is a nightmare because he has to filter out every sports-related prayer.

A Tasty Surprise–Another guest post by Cyndera.  You have to take your blessings where you can get them!

It Pays–[WP] “I’m not proud of what I do, but it pays.  It pays.”

Storytime Is Hell–[WP] You are reading the grittiest, manliest, most testosterone-filled bedtime story to your daughter. She’s adding in bits.

Of Cookies and Comprehension–Buster from New Tricks makes a new friend, who is quite the talker herself.

A Fish Story–Two fish, one sea, and an out-of-this-world experience.

Of Plots and Parks–A sequel to Of Cookies and Comprehension.  Buster and Marley go to the park.

Conjured in Gold–A fantasy short story by Cyndera, reposted here.  Magic, mystery, and animals with wings–what’s not to love?  Continued by me in Summoned in Darkness.

Summoned in Darkness–my sequel to Cyndera’s Conjured in Gold.  The magic takes a darker turn…and not all winged creatures are good.

Performance Review–[WP] It’s common knowledge that lab accidents sometimes result in superpowers.  You’re repeatedly trying to engineer lab accidents in order to gain them. Much to your disappointment however, all your accidents just result in monumental scientific discoveries.

Of Conversations and Consequences; or, How Buster and Rachel Reached an Accommodation–the conclusion (for now!) to the Buster and Marley trilogy.  What happens when Mom finds out the dog can talk?

Chasing Humanity–My entry for the 2017 Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Opportunity at Big Finish Productions.  This contest allows new writers to submit short stories to be developed into Big Finish’s line of Doctor Who “Short Trips” audio dramas.  This Third Doctor story didn’t win, but was well received, and so I’ve posted it here, as well as on my Doctor Who review blog, The Time Lord Archives (see the Links section for more details).

The Light of Her Phone–[WP] Prompted by the image attached to the story page. This story is also an entry into a larger fantasy world on which I’ve been working, and will reveal more as progress is made.


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