King of Hearts

The pages that follow are a series of shorts that I have begun to write.  The plan is for a novel, entitled “King of Hearts”; it will be a suspense story involving a serial killer and the individuals who come together to stop him.  In that novel, it is shown that the killer is murdering a series of individuals; at each crime scene, he leaves a playing card, a heart, beginning with the ace and working upward.  Although the murders will be briefly described in the novel, they won’t be outlined in great depth, except for those final ones that occur during the novel’s span; in essence, the earlier murders constitute the background of the story.  As an experiment, I’ve decided to write a short for each of those crimes, leading up to the novel itself.  This is an experiment, though; if it doesn’t work well, I won’t continue.  So, please, leave comments!  Your feedback will tell me if this is a project worth continuing.  Thanks again!  ~Timewalkerauthor


UPDATE:  I have temporarily removed the previously-posted short, “Ace of Hearts”.  Having completed my first novel, I have returned to work on “King of Hearts”.  I’ll be reposting “Ace of Hearts” in revised form, as well as the other shorts in the series, when that project nears completion.  Thanks for reading!


Ace of Hearts


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