Works In Progress!

They tell me I’m wordy.

I suspect that that might, possibly, be an insult!

But to tell you the truth, I’m complimented.  What better way to describe a writer than “wordy”?  I love words!  They’re my bread and butter, so to speak.  Now, I’ll admit that an abundance of words doesn’t mean the final product will be good, but the more words I try out, the more words are likely to make it into the final cut.  So, yes, I’m wordy!

The fact is, though, I do write more long fiction than short.  And long fiction takes, well, longer.  Besides that, if I finish a novel-length work, I intend to publish it, so I wouldn’t be posting it here anyway.  The same goes for some short stories.  But, I want this site to showcase my work, so that anyone who might help me along the road to publication can see what I’ve been doing.  Therefore, I give you:  Works In Progress!

Here, you will find excerpts of longer works, usually the first chapter or the prologue.  These items are incomplete, of course, but in all cases I have completed more than I’m posting here.  Note, the titles listed are working titles (and I’ll be happy to take suggestions for better ones!)  Please leave feedback!  Your comments are important to me; they tell me where I’m right, where I might be wrong, and where I’ve (hard to believe, I know) totally blown it.  I do my best to answer each comment personally, although I won’t promise an answer to the question “What happens next?”  But I hope that you will read, and tell me what you think.

Happy reading!

The Well

King of Hearts


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