My writing experience began with fanfiction.  Here, I intend to collect as much of it as I can in one place.  Enjoy!

Megaman Legends:  The Traitor–Based on the Megaman Legends video game series, by Capcom, for the Sony Playstation game system.  This series occurs prior to–and, if ever finished, after–the events of the games.  Before Megaman Trigger sought to bring down the System, others fought the fight–until a Traitor came into their midst.

Power Rangers–Based on the long-running and popular children’s television series by Saban Entertainment and Disney, Power Rangers.  This series of fanfiction was a work in progress dating back to late 1993; it is not my most mature work, but my goal is to reproduce it here in unchanged form, as much as possible, so as to demonstrate how my writing has grown over the years.

Parasite Eve–Based on the Parasite Eve novel by Hideaki Sena and the video game series of the same name by Square Enix, for the Sony Playstation game system.  This story occurs after the end of Parasite Eve 2, but disregarding The 3rd Birthday, which had not been published at the time of this writing.

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