Strange Happenings At Ridgeline Drive

In my first blog entry, I talked about changes going on in my life–most notably, my divorce.  One of my good friends spent all of 2012 experiencing some heavy changes of her own, some good, some bad, some…well, it becomes a matter of perspective.  In the late summer/early fall, she bought her first house–and almost immediately lost her job.  You can imagine that this would stress a person out (a statement that seals my bid for understatement of the year).  I don’t like seeing people lose their minds, so I did the only thing I could do at the time:  I tried to make her laugh.  The result was a series of emails describing the, let’s say, strange things going on in her new household, at least as I imagine it.  She has graciously agreed to let me repost some of them here, with the major identifying information altered or removed.  I’ll put them up occasionally, as I can get them edited.  Enjoy!  (And for the record, the job situation worked out, too.)

An Interview With Your Cat On The Occasion Of Your New Home

The Night The Internet Was Restored

Strange Things Happen In Your House At Night

A Follow-Up Interview With The Cat

Laptop and Cell Phone On a Date (A Short Interlude)

Commercial Break!

Cell Phone’s New Clothes

Close Encounter

Printer’s Job Interview

A Dark and Stormy Night

The Dapper Man And Filly

For an additional, but unconnected, story that I wrote for her, check out New Tricks, in the Stories section of this site.


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